Luxury Outdoors Island Wooden Sunbeds

" Everything you can imagine is real ! " Nothing happens for no reason There is always an explaination hidden beneath. Ideas can become reality and the truth can be the light within . As Pablo Picasso once said " Everything you can imagine can be real " this gave a new art project life and meaning . The strong meaning of this phrase has been well followed and believed in a long time after he pasted away all the way to today's artists and believers . Some have even made it their mission in life to proof his point and having the ability to do acted upon it in their best way possible . Some with projects , some with artworks and some with just words . This is what i was asked for this project from a specific yet for personal reasons anonymous client . She wanted to make her vision become reality and her dream come to life and she was willing to explain everything about it so she and the project will become uniquely one. As this is someone's vision the requested materials for this art project had to be specific although it was easily found but the time spent especially at the beginning was overwhelming but it felt good knowing that i was helping it to become real . There are loads of parts of this project each one uniquely make it the overall outcome real and impressive almost breathtaking . Any act of creation, whether it is a piece of art or a new business starts off as a vision. Everything manmade that we can see around us began in someone's imagination. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, your ability to get other people (clients, customers, investors) to buy into your vision is paramount. The more clearly you can imagine and communicate that vision, the more likely it is to become a reality. This united with the project allows me to be the 'finishing touch' or 'main part of' this woman's vision and business which make me very pleassed amd proud as to how far i came and accomplished . Every steps brings me closer to goals which even then they have no limits . Sacrifises had to be made on my way but at the end of the road the greatest treasure awaits which is my vision i want to make real .