Primary Award : BA (HONS) FINE ART . University of the West of England BRISTOL

New Art  School Year Larnaca's new art studio for children

Educate your child in the world of art.

Learn how to draw, paint, plan, create and imagine. Further it will be educated about different artists techniques, the history of art, artists in history itself and how to be inspired and therefore create each week with a class work due as a challenge a piece of artwork to present.

A child's mind is tricky, complicated and fast learning so you can expect anything from it each day and each time it learns something new. It will create things even us older people might not be able to do what I want to accomplish with this unique, modern and original art school is educate but also realize and expand a child's mind enough to create what it sees, feels and believes it wants.

The child will have specific schedules but he or she will be free to express themselves by learning the right way to do it and with the right equipment in a safe, friendly and open environment for each one. This way they will be able to express themselves more freely, learn and create at the same time, and overcoming intelligence and today's education it will be able to work faster, create bigger and imagine wilder.

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