Florin Coman Monday to Sunday Art Studio 

Florin Coman Monday to Sunday  Art Studio When i finish work or when i wake up in the mornings there's no feeling like the rush of entering my studio , my own little private world that relaxes me , controls me and helps me in ways humans could never . Its small for it to be my whole world but is light , refreshing and the smell of the paint freshly mixed and used awakes my senses making it possible to dream, to believe and to imagine creativity . My own space and time where there is no limitations yet i feel so free to be who and how i want,  to think and do what i wish , inspired by my daily life creation comes easy because i am free to create what my mind imagines and dreams each step of the way . The feeling of having the extraordinary gift to create art as a way of communicating , believing and inspiring and to be cabable to do it on my own, on my free time in my small world called Art Studio is untouchable and unbreakable . Its a bond as strong as marriage that no one can break but everyone can see or feel if they wish to . Reference to Vincent Van Gogh who has been my inspiration through my beginning in the art world he states "Real Painters do not paint things as they are ..They paint them as they themselves feel them to be ! " His uniqueness ispired the world as i wish mine will do so too but the most important key is that he used eyes, mind and heart before pouring his soul with each painting allowing him to leave his Unique Print all over the art world . His arbitrary uses of colours are one of the many qualitys everyones steals from Vincent to present a more polite but forceful yet outstanding but understandable creation ever conveyed . In my future plan my studio will be upgraded and enlarged to the minimum standards i see fit as a dreamer and believer . For more Info Contact me or follow blog to keep up with what is to come .