Only Love " To understand it i have to firstly tell you how it began . It was a sunny day , had some free time before work so i accepted an invitation for a coffee from an old friend . After a while he gave me a proposal to which i just could not deny . At that point i had limited time before i go to work so in 20 minutes my friend who was a colleague of mine for Lush Beach Bar Restro named Catalin Badici who wanted to suprise the love of his life by creating with their love story an art work for them to look back to and always remember . As he began telling me their story and explaining specific features , events and daily life rutines i began to picture it in my mind what to do and how i want it to be created . I could see my friend full of emotions towards her and the way he spoke of her made me understand that love is very important as it can impact your everyday life if you have the right person by your side to whom you have strong feelings for . Then i began slowly whenever i had time in the mornings before work and late at night after work creating as much as i could on this special art work. I knew i had to be very careful at my colours choices as even the slightest detail could show something different from what the man discribed their love life to be and that would have made the painting a total failure . The main colours are themed because they both live in Cyprus where there is always bright sun , a everlasting sea and extraordinary views . The size of the canvas had to be perfect , though it is their love story i have divided them to her's and his which shows how still life is seperating them until they make their vows to God . Female's side has more details and stronger features asl she works a lot therefore shes always buzy at a point which impacts their love life but yet she does make time for me whereas the male side is more accurate , symmetrical and more neat as he is a cook though he is buzy too he always makes time for her too which tells us that no matter what you always make time for the love of your life because at the end of the day is them that you live, breath and work to build a future for . In my opinion both of them were precisely represented and espacially the love story between them therefore both of them will be amazed and love it at first sight though it is still a suprise i hope the women will be overwhelmed and proud of her man for thinking to represent their love story with a painting . He found me and spoke about his idea in mid May with this proposal and its finally finished in mid September which means almost 4 months now . Its not about the time it took to be created as perfection takes time but making sure that the right experience was taken , the right massage was shown and outstanding art work was delivered . I await the critiques in the following days after letting them study and admire the painting . I also hope my dear friend Catalin will be astonished and delighted by my effort and painting to which i specifically created for him because i knew how important and how much he values friendship and especially when it comes for the love of his life . I hope for him to be forever happy and their love to last forever . I wish them both the best and to always remember the bond and love between them . Live happily ever after .

My Artwork isspecificly based on Daily Life in which case my own . Different hours orstages of the day with some repeated patterns but always different backgrounds allowing me to show and therefor reveal huge changes of everyday lifestyle by emotions , motions or even something as small as a word asit did in mine which concludesto a variety of impacts and effectsshown differently with each painting. Though they were all made at different parts of the day , asfor example one could have been made in the morning when I just woke up and didn’t really knew what was going on around me yet and the other at night time where the whole day had ended and I was just looking for a way to lush out and free myself from any thoughts or emotions of what I was going through at that time , they ALL have one thing to show and tell . You never know sommeone’s life until you see it through a beautiful story-telling painting . My story . My Daily Life and everything that comes with it . My personal space and time that I felt most comfortable to concentrate and release my vulnerable yet strong feelings and thoughts which until today I believe have stayed pure and truthful to who I am and so does my heart shown deep Iside them . Though is My Daily Life therefore naming came easyly, I have decided to not name any of them because naming meant making them precise ,something I do not wish for my art because if the titles didn’t suit enough the painting it can ruin your artwork as everyone would be able to see the bed naming choice and therefor lose interest in them altogether . My dreams have no limits therefor why should my paintings do and strip my chance and the audiences of unlimitness within my work . My Aimsin life are very high and almost impossible to reach so I know I can win the attention of my audience because you rarely find in our days someone so willingly letting the whole world see his darkest and lightest periods of his life with a piece of art and let tell the tale on its own that no matter what going on in our daily lifes nothing can change who you really are but can and will impact futures perhaps . I allow myself to become vulnerable to the world so that different kind of massages can be pass out and perhaps inspire others to tell their own story and massages with something as pure and beautiful as a piece of art . And I am a true believer that art can make you express yourself in ways not even words can anymore .