Art for me means passion, desire and emotion. Art is to live, to create . Inspired by everything around you and give everything your own way and twist. The art is to feel and reveal your feelings. Art is what I do and it keeps me alive, full of life. Besides, it's a lifestyle. Its a way if living.

Florin Coman Evolution on my Plans for the Future

Having completed my BA degree in Fine Arts, I feel even more motivated as a artist. I believe the experience has made me stronger and more focused having limited time made me use it wisely.In the near future,I would like to continue working in Larnaca. For the time being taking a break from studying, but maybe I will undertake a Masters degree in Fine Art in near future. Firstly I need more experience in the real world then continuing to work in order to support myself financially, including building my portfolio and taking part in exhibitions. I want to branch out in the art community internationally. Also created an online presence as internet has become an integral way to promote yourself. This hopefully will allow me to create international contacts. Also travelling are in my future plans. Even though I have travelled and lived in many places before, there's always new experiences yet to be learned. I believe art touches everyday experiences. My life and daily routine affects creation of art. This has been my subject so far and its a way of communicating with everyone. Even though it is difficult at times to find the value in everyday subjects, I feel that art has to be a struggle as a push to the limits. Through my art, I would reinvent what was familiar and abstract it, creating something new. I like to think that I can use my capabilities to achieve anything that comes and will inspire,making everyone feel how important art is and perhaps a chance of teaching it.